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Professional Background:


I have been very fortunate in my education and occupational experiences to have worked in every level of treatment. From evaluation to admission, detoxification, residential, reintegration, intensive outpatient, general outpatient and aftercare. 

In addition, I welcome the opportunity to do public education seminars. I have been an Adjunct Instructor for Colorado State University and Atchison County Community College. I teach Master’s Level Mental Health and Addictions Counselors preparing for Licensure.

I am passionate about teaching, training and helping persons learn life skills to gain the best quality of life possible.


For the past 12 years, I have served in the capacity of a Clinical Supervisor, educating and training the next generation of exceptional clinicians.  I provide Clinical Supervision for incoming CAT, CAS, LAC and LPC.

I am a Certified Trainer by the Office of Behavioral Health and can provide CAT, CAS and LAC classes. (see class schedule tab)

I also am a Certified First Responder Counselor, that works with law enforcement, paramedics, fire fighters and any other types of First Responders.


I was born and raised in Emporia, KS (Yep-a Colorado transplant-please don't hold it against me...l.o.l)

I moved to Colorado in 2018, to serve as the Clinical Director at Valley Hope of Parker. When I left Valley Hope, I worked as a  Clinical Director for Continuum Recovery Center of Colorado. I am at the point in my career that I want to focus on personalized service and public education.

I am married to an amazing man that is my best friend. We have 3 sons that are grown and out of the house. I am grateful that I get to continue to watch them grow into adulthood ("Adulting" is how they say it). Raising them however, was not without challenges! Teenage boys, eat EVERYTHING....can you relate?

During the Pandemic, I gained not 1, but 2 Boston Terriers, that are a constant source of joy in my life. Also a constant source of me saying....'What are you chewing on now?!"

I am very open-minded and enjoy new experiences. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be....and glad to know that.....takes a lot of pressure off. 

I laugh loud and am known to break out a dance move for no reason because Life is meant to be LIVED, not merely survived.

I hope to meet you soon



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